Thursday, 27 September 2012

Persuasive Essay Examples For Kids

Both children and adults use persuasion skills in their everyday life although they might not realize it. For example, kids need to convince their children to buy such things as toys. On the other hand, to get a job or a promotion, adults must convince their superior of their suitability through an interview or exceptional performance. Therefore, it becomes necessary to acquire and sharpen persuasion or negotiation skills. One of the ways through which kids can develop persuasion skills is through reading and writing persuasive essay examples for kids.
What do kids learn from persuasive essay examples for kids?
Given below are important skills students learn from persuasive essay samples:
  • The art of decision making- persuasive essays requires one to take a stand and defend it.
  • How to research- for a position to be perceived as viable, a writer must present sufficient evidence.
  • They develop critical thinking and writing skills- negotiation involves convincing the opponent to adopt your viewpoint.
  • How to write persuasion essays- kids learn best through examples, both in writing.
How to help kids learn from persuasive essay examples for kids
Parents and significant others can help kids to learn from examples in the following ways:
  •  Ask questions
Once the kid has read the essay, parents and teachers should ask the kid what he/she has learnt, his/her position on the topic and why the position is suitable.{Click link to learn how to write good essays}.
  • Give them persuasive essay writing examples
Reading examples is not enough; parents and teachers should give kids assignments to write persuasive essays.
Sometimes parents find this difficult because they are not sure what topics to assign. Listening to their debates while they play can be one way of getting persuasive essay topics. Referring to the internet for customized persuasion topics for kids is another option.
  • Encourage the kids to read more than once
Kids do not like reading the same thing more than once, but to learn more from persuasive essay writing examples they must be encouraged to do so.
 Where to find persuasive essay writing examples for kids
There are various sources from where kids can get persuasive essay writing examples. Such sources include:
  • The internet- with the help of their guardians they can access high quality persuasive essay examples.
  • The school library- teachers can help kids access good essays from the library.
Persuasive essay writing examples should be used exclusively as a learning tool. Kids should never be allowed to over rely on them because they can hinder development of their reading and writing skills. 


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