Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good Persuasive Essay Examples

Finding good persuasive essays examples that you can be used for learning is difficult, despite the fact that we use persuasion skills every day. This happens because students either do not have sufficient evidence to prove their case, or when there is evidence, they do not know how to present it effectively.
When looking for good persuasive essay examples in elementary school, high school, college or university, it is paramount to confirm they have the following qualities:
  • A viable topic and thesis statement
  • The introduction is captivating
  • The ideas are organized logically
  • The essay follows the recommended structure i.e. the overall paper and specific sections of the essay
  • The thesis writer must be clear on what position he/she is defending. The evidence presented need also be clear
For one to learn effectively, he/she must get a suitable essay. For instance, if you are a grade 6 student, you should refer to 6th grade persuasive essay examples and so forth.{ Click link for more essay writing tips and ideas}
What students can learn from good persuasive essay examples?
The following are some of the things students learn from persuasive essays, based on whether they are in university, college, high school or need 6th grade persuasive essay examples.
  • How to write thesis statement
  • Language to use in persuasive writing
  •  Presentation of the arguments you have
  • Sources that can be used in writing on a specific subject
  •   Potential topics that can be addressed in persuasive writing
  • Different referencing styles, both in text and bibliography
How students can learn from persuasive essay examples
Examples are helpful learning tools but only a few students know how to use them. This is because they lack the knowledge to do so. Whether using college, high school, university, 5th grade, 7th grade, 4th grade or 6th grade persuasive essay examples the following steps are applicable.
  • Highlight what you need to learn
  • Have more than one essay
  •  Read the essay first time to familiarize yourself
  • The subsequent readings should be characterized by noting what you have learnt
  • Write college, university, high school 6th grade persuasive essay examples etc for evaluation
  • Note what the evaluator has recommended.
  • Discuss with your tutor or colleagues on what you have learnt
  • Where possible write another sample different from assignment given in class for practice purposes.
The key to learning from a sample effectively is getting good quality and understanding exactly what you are required to write about. 

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