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Persuasive Essay Writing Examples

There are different ways through in which we exercise negotiation or persuasion skills in our day today life activities. For instance, bargaining as we buy products, forming study groups, organizing a team of friends to go for a retreat or even getting a girl friend! You must convince the targeted audience that your idea is viable. Persuasive essay writing examples play a significant role in helping students to develop negotiation skills. This is possible because they learn how to take a position and defend it through providing facts.

How students learn from persuasive essay writing examples

The mention of examples brings the picture of a written essay from where students can refer. This is true but it can also refer to essays students write for practice purposes.
Learning from written persuasive essay writing examples
Students can learn the following:
  • Premium quality persuasive essays
  • How to present and argue a case
  • The overall organization of the persuasive essay
  • How to write a persuasive essay thesis statement
  • Writing persuasive essays following the set writing rules
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Learning through writing persuasive essay examples
Reading from a text is important but putting what you have learnt on paper contributes to developing and sharpening persuasive skills. Before writing an example of a persuasive essay, list down examples of topics and examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay. From the listed examples, choose the most suitable. For every topic chosen, list as many examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay as possible, and select the most suitable based on merit. Formulating more than one thesis statement is important for the following reason:
  • The thesis statement communicates to the reader the specifics of the assignment
  • Thesis statement determines the materials you should use for the essay
  • Thesis statement helps you stay on track
  • The quality of a thesis statement determines if you will achieve your target or otherwise
Before writing a persuasive essay, you can request your friends or seniors to assess the quality of examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay or the topic. The internet and the school library are some of the suitable sources for excellent examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay.
The best way to learn from persuasive essay writing examples or examples of a persuasive essay is:
  • Understand the quality of a good essay or a thesis statement
  • Read the examples more than once
  • Discuss what you have learn with peers
  • Put what you have learnt in practice 

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Persuasive Essay Thesis Examples

You cannot successfully do an assignment without a thesis statement or a thesis. The thesis is the core of the assignment. It determines the information that should be presented in the assignment and how much should be presented in the assignment. Therefore, when you are not sure what your thesis should have, refer to persuasive essay thesis examples.
Importance of referring to examples
Persuasive essay thesis examples help students in the following ways:
  • They know prime thesis they can address
  • They learn how to present their thesis
  • Examples challenge students to think outside the box
Suitable sources for persuasive essay thesis examples
The following are good sources from where students can get high quality sources for thesis examples:
  • School libraries
  • College and university websites
  • Reliable online custom writing services
  • Discussion with tutors and fellow students
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To learn from a persuasive essay thesis examples effectively, you need to be aware of the characteristics of a good thesis. This is possible through requesting for help from tutors or asking for guidelines from experts online.
 Free persuasive essay examples
In their efforts to help students learn how to present quality work, custom writing services provide free persuasive essay examples. Although they are useful learning tools, it is important for students to ascertain they meet the required standard because not every writing service online has the capacity to make exceptional deliveries.
How to use free persuasive essay examples
An example can only be helpful if the reader is aware of what should be learnt from it. In this regard, the following tips will be helpful in learning from persuasive essay examples:
  • Know what is supposed to be learnt from the sample
  • Read the example more than once. The first reading should be to familiarize with the content. In subsequent readings, read to understand what you need to learn.
  • Discuss with peers or tutors. It is in discussion that students internalize knowledge and understand what was not clear.
  • Write a sample of a persuasive essay, taking into account what was learnt from the example
  • Present the sample you have written for evaluation
  • Make amendments on the evaluated work if need be
Another effective way of learning and internalizing important aspects of writing high quality persuasive essays include helping colleagues in sharpening their persuasive skills where possible.
Despite the challenges students may face in writing persuasive essays, no one should ever present free persuasive essay examples as his/her own work. It is an academic crime with grievous consequences!

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Persuasive Essay Outline Examples

In any form of assignment, an outline plays a significant role in determining the quality of the work. In some cases, the table of content is also referred to as the outline. Generally, the outline is the plan or organization of an assignment. It is with the help of the outline that writers are able to know the specific sections the assignments will have, and the information to be filled in the sections. Therefore, when you do not know what the outline of the persuasive essay should look like, refer to persuasive essay outline examples. A persuasive essay outline example will have the following:
  • The introduction
It is used to engage the reader. Therefore, the opening statement must be captivating. The introduction also gives the background of the assignment, thereby setting the context, and introducing the thesis statement. It is important to notice how the contents of the introduction are organized.
  • The body
The body has evidence supporting the thesis statement. Normally, it has 2 to 3 sentences to prove the viability of a thesis statement. It is paramount for the writer to show other positions held by other writers, and show why those options are not viable. {Simple steps to writing a good essay.}
  • The conclusion
Its purpose is to invoke action from the reader. This is achieved through showing the link between the thesis statement and the evidence presented.
While referring to persuasive essay outline examples, also notice the persuasive essay thesis examples given. While the outline gives the plan of the assignment, the thesis determines what will be presented in the paper.
Good persuasive essay thesis examples have such characteristics as feasibility, relevance, and they attract wide readership. Competitive theses address prevalent issues with the aim providing answers. However, it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion in persuasive writing.
When using persuasive essay thesis examples, it is always important to consult with experts lest you learn from mistakes. Experts may include tutors and experienced students or custom writing services. Some of the sources from where you have a guarantee of getting high quality persuasive essay thesis examples and persuasive essay outline examples include:
  • College and university websites- examples presented in such sources are carefully thought of.
  • School libraries- they are a suitable but underutilized source mainly because getting information may take longer than getting information from the internet.
  • Custom writing services- in addition to providing examples of thesis and outlines they make available custom written persuasive essay papers at request.
  • Choose the most suitable source for help based on your academic requirements.

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Persuasive Essay Introduction Examples

An introduction plays a significant role in creating interest or disinterest in reading any piece of writing, and persuasive essays are not different. Therefore, it you are not sure of your persuasion essay writing skills, it is advisable to adopt possible sources of learning such as tutorials, reading on your own or referring to persuasive essay introduction examples. To learn from an introduction effectively, it is important to know what makes a good introduction. You need to consider factors such as:
  • The opening statement
  •  Outline of the introduction
  • Quality of the thesis statement
  • Background information in the introduction etc
The following steps are critical in learning from persuasive essay examples:
  1. Get an acceptable standard persuasive essay sample with the help of tutors or experienced writers.
  2. Read the example more than once, taking notes. This may include aspects such as language, thesis statement and sources.
  3. Write persuasive essay introduction examples, and present them to superiors for evaluation.
  4. Carefully consider the feedback given and implement recommendations given.{ Click for the best essay writing service provider}
In addition to the introduction of the essay, the outline of the essay also contributes to the quality of the assignment. Therefore, referring to persuasive essay outline examples when in doubt is permitted. From the outline, you know how to organize your content to be more palatable.
Most of the persuasive essay outline examples are the same, but may vary based on the subject, level of study or the requirements of the university or college. Therefore, it is paramount to find out the specifics of a persuasive essay assignment from tutors. Illustrated below is a resemblance of persuasive essay outline examples:
  • Introduction- it engages the reader, establishes the context of the topic and introduces a thesis statement.
  • The body- normally it has 2 to 3 paragraphs, each with a single point supporting the thesis statement. To give credibility to the assignment, the writer needs to give an opposing point and prove why it is not viable.
  • The conclusion- it establishes a relationship between the thesis statement and the evidence presented.
Some of the most suitable sources from where students can get high quality persuasive essay introduction examples and persuasive essay outline examples include the school library, the internet. Other sources include reading persuasive essays written by fellow students. While seeking for help from external sources, it is paramount to clarify the suitability in relation to their capacity to deliver.

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Persuasive Essay Examples for Middle School

Every person is charged with the responsibility of sharpening his/her persuasion skills. In fact, persuasion is a basic life skill. Therefore, it is paramount for students to sharpen their persuasion skills from middle school, high school, college and the university. Some of the tools they can use to learn how to sharpen persuasion skills include persuasive essay examples for middle school and persuasive essay examples for high school.
When using persuasive essay examples for middle school and persuasive essay examples for high school, students should keep the following in mind:
  • The content of the persuasive essay- persuasion essay writing requires provision of irrefutable facts to prove a case.
  • The thesis statement-the thesis statement must be quality enough to generate debate from different opinion holders. At the same time, it must be specific.
  • Disapprove the opposing argument- presenting an opposing view of your stand help in proving the viability of a position.
  • Supporting the opposing point- present evidence to prove your case. The evidence must appeal to reason.{ Click link to see amazing essay topics}
Other aspects that students should watch out for when going through samples include:
  • The structure and format
  • Sources used for the respective topic
  • Use of appropriate persuasion language
  • Competitive topics and thesis statement
  • Organizing the work cohesively and coherently
To identify the above aspects of writing effectively, students must read persuasive essay examples for middle school and persuasive essay examples for high school more than once. As they read, they should take notes. It is always important to share on what you have learnt with your colleagues. In addition, write persuasive essay examples for middle school and persuasive essay examples for high school. The samples should be presented for evaluation after which mistakes are rectified.
Importance of using different sources of examples
  • The library- it is a rarely used source but can provide valuable information for writing persuasion examples. Libraries provide samples for all levels and fields of study. This is a suitable source because only high quality persuasive essays can be exhibited in a library.
  • The internet- it is an efficient source when students do not have sufficient time to look for samples in the library because samples are readily available.
The internet sources can be from custom writing services or from respective university sources. Custom writing services are sensitive because not every custom writing service that claims to be proficient has the ability.

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Persuasive Essay Examples For Kids

Both children and adults use persuasion skills in their everyday life although they might not realize it. For example, kids need to convince their children to buy such things as toys. On the other hand, to get a job or a promotion, adults must convince their superior of their suitability through an interview or exceptional performance. Therefore, it becomes necessary to acquire and sharpen persuasion or negotiation skills. One of the ways through which kids can develop persuasion skills is through reading and writing persuasive essay examples for kids.
What do kids learn from persuasive essay examples for kids?
Given below are important skills students learn from persuasive essay samples:
  • The art of decision making- persuasive essays requires one to take a stand and defend it.
  • How to research- for a position to be perceived as viable, a writer must present sufficient evidence.
  • They develop critical thinking and writing skills- negotiation involves convincing the opponent to adopt your viewpoint.
  • How to write persuasion essays- kids learn best through examples, both in writing.
How to help kids learn from persuasive essay examples for kids
Parents and significant others can help kids to learn from examples in the following ways:
  •  Ask questions
Once the kid has read the essay, parents and teachers should ask the kid what he/she has learnt, his/her position on the topic and why the position is suitable.{Click link to learn how to write good essays}.
  • Give them persuasive essay writing examples
Reading examples is not enough; parents and teachers should give kids assignments to write persuasive essays.
Sometimes parents find this difficult because they are not sure what topics to assign. Listening to their debates while they play can be one way of getting persuasive essay topics. Referring to the internet for customized persuasion topics for kids is another option.
  • Encourage the kids to read more than once
Kids do not like reading the same thing more than once, but to learn more from persuasive essay writing examples they must be encouraged to do so.
 Where to find persuasive essay writing examples for kids
There are various sources from where kids can get persuasive essay writing examples. Such sources include:
  • The internet- with the help of their guardians they can access high quality persuasive essay examples.
  • The school library- teachers can help kids access good essays from the library.
Persuasive essay writing examples should be used exclusively as a learning tool. Kids should never be allowed to over rely on them because they can hinder development of their reading and writing skills. 


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Persuasive Essay Examples for High School

Persuasive essay examples for high school are a useful learning tool in developing and sharpening negotiation skills. However, for one to learn effectively, he/she must use a high quality sample. Samples help in learning the following:
  How to write the persuasive essay
Writing persuasive essays involves the following:
  1.  Selecting a position that the writer will support- persuasion is a debate 
  2. Providing evidence to prove a case- this includes evidence supporting and disapproving the case. Evidence disapproving the case adds credibility to the assignment.

The persuasive essay writer must have skill in introducing the essay. The introduction creates interest or disinterest. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to persuasive essay introduction examples if you do not know how to write. 
  • How to structure the assignment
Excellence in writing involves organizing the essay in a logical, cohesive and coherent manner. A structure is better developed from an outline.
  • Suitable language to be used in persuasive writing
Every field has a register it uses. Through referring to the respective persuasive essay examples for high school and persuasive essay introduction examples, students know the language to use to make a convincing case.{Click to view how to write a persuasive essay and the challenges faced}
  •  Sources that can be used for research
Samples give ideas of sources that students can use in writing certain persuasive essays. Sources used in writing assignments determine the credibility of assignments.
Using persuasive essay introduction examples and papers
Given below are steps students should follow when using samples:
  1.  Have a list of aspects of writing a persuasive essay
  2.  Read the essay more than once
  3.  For every reading, focus on one aspect of writing persuasive essay
  4.   Read more than one essay. Different essays emphasize on different things
  5.   Discuss what you have learnt 
  6.    Put what you have learnt in practice by writing samples essays
  7.   Rectify the mistakes identified by the evaluator
Sources for getting persuasive essay introduction examples and papers
The following are sources from where students can access quality sources for persuasive essay examples:
The internet- through referring to respective websites of universities and colleges, students can find quality examples of persuasive essays. Custom writing services are other sources from where students can find good examples.
The library- it comprises persuasion essay papers previously written by other students. They are suitable because the quality is already approved by the teaching staff of the college or university.

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Persuasive Essay Examples for 8th Grade

Learning to write persuasive essays in elementary school lays a foundation for high school, college and university persuasion essay writing. Therefore, it is paramount for students to use available resources to learn how to write excellent essays. Such examples are persuasive essay examples for 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade etc. Other resources that students can use to learn how to write quality essays are tutorial lessons from their teachers or reading on their own. Let us consider persuasive essay examples for 8th grade.
Grade 8 is a sensitive class because kids are in transition to senior elementary. For this reason, it is paramount to help them cultivate their persuasion writing skills. As they advance in their studies, there must be a demonstration of negotiation skills if they are to join high school.
 How important is persuasive essay examples for 8th grade?
Through reading persuasive examples for both grade 8 and persuasive essay example for college, students learn the following:
  • Competent topics they can cover in their assignments
  •  How to narrow the topic to a thesis statement
  •  The most suitable language to use in persuasion writing
  • How to make a strong case
When referring to persuasive essay example for college, also watch out for the following:
  • The sources used for a particular assignment
  • The sources used for a particular assignment
  • The formatting style used, both in text and at the reference
§ Persuasion writing in college is more demanding than in elementary school; hence it requires more skill and experience.  {Also view what is an argumentative essay and how to write one}
Where to find examples for grade 8 essays and persuasive essay example for college
The following are suitable sources for good quality persuasive essays:
  1.  Fellow students- these are the best writers in the class. Referring to essays written by colleagues is not only challenging, it also presents a good opportunity to request for help from the author of the essay.
  2. The library- this is a suitable source when you have sufficient time. Students refer to as many essays possible.
  3. Custom writing services- students can seek assistance from a writing services provider. With the help of writing experts, they get customized examples of persuasive essay example for college or grade 8. In addition, they have an opportunity to get tutorial services at their request
The key to learning successfully is, referring to examples as a learning tool, and practicing skills learnt through writing a sample from scratch.

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Persuasive Essay Examples Elementary

Elementary school is the formative stage for kids. Therefore, it is important to use all available sources that can help them in learning different aspect of persuasive writing. Such include giving guidelines on how to write persuasive essays, giving persuasive essay examples for kids and combining both.
Research has shown that children learn better when tutors use both guidelines and examples. In the senior elementary school, teachers can comfortably use persuasive essay examples elementary alone. This is because students have developed their capacity; hence, can learn more.
Importance of using persuasive essay examples for kids
In most cases, the mention of example is interpreted as written papers that should be referred to. In most cases this is true, but it also to refer to examples that kids write on their own for practice purposes. This is important because practicing the right thing makes perfect. Students learn the following through referring to already written examples:
  •  How to write titles for their assignments
  • The quality of points they should present
  •  How they should argue their case
  •  How to organize their work
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 How to find good persuasive essay examples for kids
When looking for persuasive essays for kids, both parents and teachers must be careful to help children learn from the best. This is because there is a probability of getting low quality essays if not carefully selected. So what should parents and teachers consider when they are looking for persuasive essay examples elementary?
  1. The title- a good essay should have a competitive title.
  2. Content- the content presented in the essay must be coherent with the topic. In addition, the content presented must be based on facts.
  3. Clarity- persuasion essays borders on convincing one party to adopt a certain perspective. The writer therefore should indicate which side of the debate he/she is supporting.
  4. Organization- ideas should be organized logically, and should be cohesive and coherent.

Where to find persuasive essay examples elementary
The following are important sources for persuasive essay examples for kids:
  • Libraries-
There are school libraries and online libraries that parents, teachers and students can register with to use their persuasive writing resources.
  • Custom writing services-
Reliable services provide high quality and customized elementary school persuasive essays for kids. Users must be careful to contact genuine writing services.  The simplest steps to learning from an example are:
  • Read, noting down what you learn,
  • Discuss to understand,
  •  Write a sample for practice purposes.
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Persuasive Essay Example for College

One of the skills tutors take time to equip students with is the persuasion or negotiation skills. This is important because we use negotiation skills in our day to day activities both in school life and working life. Both persuasive essay example for college and persuasive essay examples for middle school are important tools that both college and middle school students can use in learning how to write college and middle school persuasion essays.
Advantages of using persuasive essay examples for middle school and college
The tips given below are helpful when learning how to write persuasive essays from examples:
  • Understand important aspects of writing persuasive essays
  •  Refer to more than one essay where possible
  • Read each of the examples more than once, noting the distinct feature about it
  • Discuss with colleagues about lessons learnt from the essay

Through considering all the above, you will be able to understand and internalize significant aspects of writing persuasive essays.(Learn how to write essays like a professional with amazing writing tips from our online essay writers}
Other sources of learning require students to make the most in a single sitting. On the contrary, they can take ample time to learn from persuasive essay example for college and persuasive essay examples for middle school. In addition, after learning how to write, whether from examples or otherwise, it is always advisable to write a sample paper and present it for evaluation before the main examination. This contributes towards improving writing through correcting mistakes in good time.
While using examples to learn how to write persuasion essays for college and middle school, it is always advisable to use quality examples. Substandard samples essay can result to submission of substandard assignments. Some of the sources from which students can access premium quality sample papers include the library, the internet and colleagues who are skilled in persuasive essay writing.
When faced with sharp deadlines or complex persuasion topics, students should never give in to the temptation of submitting persuasive essay example for college or persuasive essay examples for middle school as their own. This is plagiarism, an academic crime. It warrants penalties such as suspension, rejection of assignment or expulsion from school. In addition, sample papers from internet sources are accessible to millions including tutors. In the modern society, tutors also use plagiarism detectors to check the originality of an assignment. Presenting slightly modified papers is also not acceptable!    

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Persuasive Essay Example 5th Grade

5th grade students can use persuasive essay example 5th grade to sharpen their persuasion skills. A truth about life is that everybody has an opinion, and everybody wants his/her opinion to be termed as correct. However, for this to happen there must be facts to prove the case. Notice, although facts may be available, how they are presented makes the difference; hence, the need to refer to, or write persuasive essay example 5th grade before writing the final paper. 
Good persuasive essay examples
It is one thing to learn from examples, and it is a different story to learn from good persuasive essay examples. Good persuasion examples have the following characteristics:
  1.  It is clear- it has clarity both on the position of the writer and the content presented.
  2. It is organized logically- ideas must be organized systematically such that they make sense. 
  3. The structure followed- persuasion essay writing follows the structure introduction, the body and a conclusion, all of which must be supplied with relevant information.
Sources of persuasive essay examples
Among the best places students can get persuasive essay example 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade or any other level of study include the following The internet
It covers both school websites and professional custom writing services. School websites are most recommended because every article posted on any school website has a mark of quality. While there are genuine custom writing services that make available good persuasive essay examples, there are some fraudulent companies. As such, students must verify the quality of a sample presented, either through conducting research on the credibility of the company, or discussion on the quality of the essay with experienced persons.
   The school
This refers to the school library and fellow students. More often than not, when looking for good persuasive essay examples, they focus on the internet. The school library and colleagues are equally good sources only that it might take longer to find a sample than it would, if the student was using the internet. : {Write exceptional essays by following these essay writing tips}
  • What to watch out for
Students face the temptation of presenting examples of persuasive essays as their own original assignment. They should refrain from this at all cost because it is a criminal activity and calls for punitive measures against the student.
Students should also refrain from relying heavily on good persuasive essay examples. This might hinder their growth. They should develop their persuasive writing skills. How good one is in persuasion is what distinguishes him/her from the crowd.

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