Thursday, 27 September 2012

Examples Of a Thesis Statement For a Persuasive Essay

The main function of a thesis statement is to communicate to the audience the variables a persuasive essay will be investing, and to help the writer stay on track. Therefore, persuasive essay writers should exercise caution and skill when formulating a thesis statement. The thesis statement selected can either make or break a persuasive essay. Before formulating a thesis statement, look at examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay.
The school library and the internet are some of the good sources from where you can get excellent examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay. A school library is good because you do not only find examples of a thesis statement; you also have completed persuasive essay papers. The internet is a good source when you do not have sufficient time to go through persuasive papers.
How to formulate a thesis statement
  • Select a suitable topic
  • Brainstorm to get as many possible approaches of the topic
  • Narrow down to one approach based on suitability- refer to factors such as availability of sources and room for exploration.
A good thesis statement should be direct, clear and should have testable variables. 
If you are learning how to write persuasive essays, consider both examples of a thesis statement for a persuasive essay and 5 paragraph persuasive essay examples. 5 paragraph persuasive essays are mostly used when writing persuasion essays but the paragraphs can be more based on the demands of an assignment. {Get more essay writing help here}
What can students learn from 5 paragraph persuasive essay examples?
5 paragraph essays have an introduction, the body which constitutes 3 paragraphs and a conclusion. This format is used because it is applicable for most if not all levels of study. When using the examples as a learning tool, students must be careful to select a premium essay lest they learn from mistakes. Students can learn the following from the 5 paragraph persuasive essay examples:
  • How to develop competitive persuasive topics  
  • How to formulate thesis statement
  • How to present and support arguments skillfully
  • How to write persuasive essays following a specified format
  • The sources they can refer when writing a persuasive essay on certain topics
Learning from 5 paragraph persuasive essay examples
To learn effectively,
  • Have a checklist of the aspects of writing you wish to learn
  • Refer to more than one persuasive essay example 
  • Read the example more than once
  • Write an example of your own and present it for assessment.
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